Hi, I'm Sasha!

I'm also known by my YouTube & Instagram handles as Divine Pisces 222.


I am a Relationship Coach helping the woman who has experienced narcissistic abuse relationships learn how to release her TRAUMA BOND with the partner who treats her like she doesn’t deserve to be loved, end the misery of pining after someone who GHOSTED without explanation leaving her wondering what she did wrong, and stop repeating ABUSIVE relationship cycles with NARCISSISTIC PARTNERS so she can set healthy boundaries with herself and potential romantic partners from day one and ATTRACT in a mate who treats her like the QUEEN that she is.

My certifications include: Life Coaching, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Spirit Release Therapy, & Past Life Regression.

I'm also a designer with a BFA in Graphic Design. My design services are specialized in print, branding content, logo design, & web design. 

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Not only am I a survivor of domestic abuse, I also experienced repeated trauma cycles throughout my life related to narcissist abuse, mental & emotional manipulation, as well as a whole host of bullying tactics. Over time, this led me to repeat continual cycles of self-abuse, body image issues, mental health issues, & emotional instability to the point where I periodically would seriously contemplate suicide.

After I had my daughter in early 2019, I hit rock bottom. I was in an unhappy marriage, working a job that undervalued me, and felt stuck in a hell I had created for myself. I
started to realize that a lot of the patterns I had learned and integrated as "normal" in my life and in my relationships was in fact not only not "normal," but detrimental to my emotional, mental, & physical well being over the span of 3 decades and I was literally dying from the inside out, and it was even effecting my ability to be a mother.

Feeling sorry for myself was the easy thing to do, since it had always been my go to, but I was a mom now. I was responsible for this little life, and I would be damned if I was going to let my daughter think that any of this was normal. So, I decided right then and there that enough was enough, I was breaking the cycle, and I finally got over myself so I could take my destiny into my own hands.

Fast forward to now: I am a successful entrepreneur who teaches women how to shake off their sad stories, leave their trauma at the door, and step into their POWER selves so that they can GET OUT OF VICTIM MODE, SEE THEIR WORTH, and truly LOVE THEMSELVES so they can attract in the soulmate who is worthy of them. 

So, if you're ready to embody the Divine Badass you were born to be, conquer your trauma, and be well on your way to manifesting that romantic partner that treats you like the queen that you are, that financial abundance you've been dreaming of, or even just the freedom to be yourself without FEAR OF REJECTION OR FAILURE, then you're in the right place.

I'm here to help those who are DONE feeling like they don't deserve the things they want. Let me tell you one thing: YOU decide your worth and no one can take that from you. YOU are good enough for the things you desire in your life. YOU deserve love, peace, joy, and abundance. So make that decision today to take your life back. Don't let trauma rule your life. Let go of your past so you can live for today and create the future you deserve.